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Added: 2019-07-29 | Duration: 1:09 | Tags: upskirt sexy jeans
Descriptions: A sassy lass in t-shirt and denim skirt squats over the toilet with her undies still on, a hot stream of piss spraying through the thin fabric. A big wad of tissue sops up the mess and she's on the way with a moist, blotted pussy and no panties.rnrnA young lady in flowery underwear gets them sopping wet when she has no time to pull them down. She unrolls a bunch of tissue to wipe her furry poon and clean the pee off her long legs.rnrnA sexy schoolgirl doesn't look so chic when she wets the crotch of her cutoff jeans. Her only choice is to toss her undies and try to wring the hot piss out of the denim before she steps back into the everyday world. flushes, picks up her purse and wanders off.