Catch And Release

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Added: 2014-09-24 | Duration: 2:16 | Tags: girl place one
Descriptions: Talk about some adventure, I follow a few cuties who have to piss. "On the run," I'm able to get every last drop for and even "squeeze" in some live action. Checking with a local, this gal can't find a potty so she just bends down and goes, until some guy comes along to ruin her "steam." Dashing off, she cops a squat and is again interrupted. Finally able to "fully release," she runs off and I go up and "play in her puddle." The second girl is younger, but she still has the same "outcome." When nature calls, the best place to be is in the woods. Backing into a tree, she lets the pee free; shit, she has got a bush. One boy walks by, but once he's gone, she's back squatting. With a "flow and go," she has managed to add some yellow to these brown leafs.